Park Place Residence

Brooklyn, NY

This rear townhouse garden was designed for a textile artist using a soothing palette of soft grey tones. A concrete deck off the parlor level leads down to the garden with wide, shallow steel steps that allow for a journey into this long, narrow space.  A two-foot tall clover mound rises to meet the deck steps, reducing the grade change from the deck above and adding topography and curvature to the garden.  The mound is intersected on one side by raised raw-steel planters for vegetable gardening. Another side of the mound is terraced with raw steel walls that retain a flat space paved with stone dust. Under the deck, a concrete dining terrace is set apart for tenants of the garden level as an island surround by a moat of river rocks. The entire garden is wrapped by a grey stained cedar fence with horizontal members of varying widths and spacing that allow for the passage of light, air, and plants.  Matching the grey fence, a custom sandbox for the children was created using over-sized timbers. Plantings with silver, pale blues and soft green colored foliage play into this muted material palette. Cast-in place concrete pedestals are set amidst the plantings as the bases for found objects or as sculptural objects themselves.

CLIENT: Undisclosed