Stuart’s Garden

Brooklyn, NY

This 800 sf Brooklyn townhouse garden is framed by the large picture windows in the clients’ living room. The curvature of the shapes in the garden draw one’s eye into and through the space. A large paved area of exterior concrete terrazzo with hand ground aggregate forms a central gathering space. Beyond this, an evergreen play space made of synthetic lawn is both low maintenance and permeable. An ipe fence with horizontal members of variable spacing allows for both privacy and for air and light to move between neighboring gardens. The fence was detailed with steel bars to match the terrace railing. To match the fence,  an in-ground sandbox with ipe cover was created for the couple’s young children, with the idea of a future conversion into a coy pond when children are grown. For summer amusement, JPLA designed a water feature in the lawn that shoots water 10 feet high into the air. Water also has its place beneath the garden, where two cisterns collect rainwater from the roof and paved surfaces to reuse as irrigation for the plants.

COLLABORATORS: Red Top Architects

Winner of the ASLA New York Chapter Merit Award, 2019