Penn South Maintenance Oversight


JPLA provides maintenance oversight operations for the campus of this 36-acre residential cooperative on the west side of Manhattan.

JPLA works closely with Penn South’s Property Management and Landscape Maintenance teams to streamline landscape maintenance practices to sustain a beautiful and healthy landscape. Regular work includes monthly walk-throughs, meeting with maintenance and management teams, professional training, and consulting on various topics ranging from horticultural practices to landscape design. Additionally, JPLA performs special design projects, assists in the development of design guidelines and provides guidance on long-term campus planning efforts. JPLA’s role at Penn South provides a unique opportunity to influence the care and design of this landscape on an ongoing basis.

Since beginning our work in 2018, JPLA has continued to grow and deepen our engagement, to grow our knowledge base and develop relationships in the organization. From this vantage point, JPLA is well poised to provide informed ideas and strategies to tackle maintenance challenges as they arise and as the landscape and the needs of Penn South grow and change over time.

CLIENT: Mutual Redevelopment Houses