NYCHA Twin Parks

New York, NY

Our proposed renovation in response to the RAD RFP for this NYCHA housing development in the Bronx provides a central common plaza space that is enriching for all ages. This open space will become a dynamic core of the residential community and offers a range of ways to come together, to engage in activities, to interact with neighbors and to restore.
The design opens up the site, removing existing barriers to entry and makes use of the dramatic elevation changes across the site to structure a landscape that is open and accessible with an interplay between spaces. A design language of rounded organic forms softens the space within the building’s envelope and invites a fluid circulation throughout the space and access to a variety of flexible and programmed spaces. Amenities include children’s playgrounds, water play, vegetable gardens, adult fitness areas, as well as picnic tables, benches and community gathering spaces.

COLLABORATORS: GF55 Partners, Selfhelp