NYCHA Bushwick

NYCHA RAD Proposal
BUSHWICK Housing Campus
Brooklyn, NY

The proposed renovation of buildings and open spaces in this NYCHA housing development aims to support community vitality, sustainability and active living for the residents and the greater Bushwick neighborhood. Our design proposal creates a dynamic campus landscape that fosters social interaction, self-directed play, physical activities, and the exploration of nature.

The landscape will offer a mix of experiences including open mounded lawns, playgrounds, community gardens, as well as places to host small events, to exercise, and to retreat from the surrounding city. Shaped by a language of organic forms, the open space will be transformed into a pastoral landscape that draws visitors through it, revealing amenities and places to sit and enjoy sensory experiences of nature.

Low and open planting located along the building creates privacy for adjacent apartment units and brings a view of nature into residents’ homes. Large areas will be planted with native or adaptive plant species, reducing runoff, and attracting birds, butterflies, and other pollinators.


COLLABORATORS: GF55 Partners, Riseboro