Fleck Courtyard NYU Langone Medical Center

New York, NY

Winner of the  2012 ASLA New York Chapter Merit Award

NYU Langone Medical Center is the home to the 5,500sf Fleck Courtyard that serves doctors, staff, patients and visitors of the hospital and its new cafe. JPLA transformed an underused, inhospitable courtyard into an active and beloved gathering space. It is a calm respit featuring a raised central lawn with a mounded birch grove and woodland plantings. There are variety of vantage points from which one can sit and enjoy the courtyard – cafe tables, stone benches, and the monumental pre-cast concrete steps surrounding the central lawn. The courtyard straddles two structures, a parking garage and a research laboratory, so much of the project was designed and detailed as a green roof.

We continue to be involved with the oversight of the maintenance of this courtyard.

CLIENT: NYU Langone Medical Center Real Estate Development
COLLABORATORS: Michielli + Wyetzner Architects