Kaufman Residence

New York, NY

The design of this 1,200 sf private garden near Gramercy Park is structured around a curved pre-cast concrete retaining wall. The wall serves regulatory, aesthetic and structural purposes. It was placed to satisfy the required level-yard setback from the ground floor living space. It creates a beautiful enclosure to the space and its form is echoed in stainless steel rings set into the paving. The arc wall supports the upper level of the garden and in doing so, protects two 100-year old sycamores trees that pre-exist the garden.

A stone and steel bridge connects the second floor of the house with the upper level garden and fountain sitting area. The two garden levels are connected by seven monolithic bluestone slab steps. The lower level is paved with hand-ground exterior terrazzo, and features a concrete storage bunker constructed as buttress for the retaining wall, a built-in curved bench, and hanging globe lights. Woodland plantings are layered with a variety of hues and textures that change expression with the seasons.

Client: Kaufman + Truscott