Wuhan Garden Expo

Wuhan City, China

Design Expo 

Being happy brings us feelings of pleasure and contentment, untroubled by personal or worldly problems, a universal goal for all.  We propose to delight the garden’s visitors by letting them experience the joys and happiness of childhood, if only for a short time.

Monumental letters set on a raised platform, spell out the word ‘HAPPY’.  These 6-meter high letters are visible from many parts of the Expo, becoming a landmark, drawing visitors to the site and to swing from the metal frame letters. The letters are intertwined with plants, bringing them to life.

As visitors move left or right into the site on pathways, HAPPY is revealed and at these points.   Paved areas off the path are resting spaces and places for families, groups of friends or individuals to stage photos with HAPPY in the background.  Surrounding plantings were chosen for their medicinal qualities as well as their aesthetic value.  The soft meadow scent, the textured understory plantings and the enclosure of tree canopies create a safe a joyful place, to swing.  The variety of plant material will provide the visitor with changing experiences as the season’s progress.

We believe the experience will lift the spirits of every visitor and have all leaving the garden with a smile and feeling . . . HAPPY!

CLIENT: China International Garden Expo